At Theater X we can provide you with any and all of your low voltage and high voltage wiring, installation, service, maintenance and programming needs. We do it all. Anything that has to do with our direct trade or industry will be done for you by a Theater X employee. We have the experience and licensing to take on any project. Check us out at Arizona Registrar of Contractor’s website. In fact, check out anyone you are planning on hiring to work for you. Not only do they need to be licensed by the Registrar, they need to carry the correct license for the work that they are doing. A low voltage license doesn’t cover the electrical work needed to move an outlet up the wall behind your new plasma TV. If a contractor isn’t licensed correctly their insurance cannot cover any problems related to the unlicensed work.

When it comes to project related services outside of our direct industry or trade, Theater X partners with only the best contractors. Our partner contractors are all licensed professionals in their own trades. We have been working with them all for many years. We don’t recommend anyone that could possibly jeopardize the quality of your overall project. Theater X does not mark up our partner contractors pricing. Many Home Theater companies like to claim that they are a “one stop shop”. That they can take care of your cabinets, interior decorating, carpet, room acoustics and general construction. They, like Theater X, bring in other companies to do the work. The difference is that they mark the work up or tell the other contractor to build a “kick back” into the price. Theater X doesn’t believe in that. We do what we do and we are the best at it. Our partner contractors do what they do and they are able to give you, the customer, the best possible price because they are not paying us.

Feel free to contact any of our partners whether you are interested in Home Theater/Automation or not these contractor’s will far exceed your expectations.


Complete Home Construction:

Cabinetry/Drywall/General Construction:

Complete Room Acoustics:

Whole House Custom Cabinetry: