A Theater X Home Theater is better than going to the theater. Literally. Theater X is the only authorized Genelec  speaker dealer in the state. Genelec speakers are the speakers that the majority of movie studios use to create their original soundtracks. Sony Pictures, Pixar, LucasFilm and many more have Genelec speaker systems. If you want to hear the movie the way that it was meant to be heard, listen to it with Genelec.

From the tiny but powerful 6010A, only 7” tall. Perfect for small Family Rooms or Bedrooms. To the flagship 1036A with 3100 watts of power and weighing in at 660 pounds. Genelec has the speaker made for your Home Theater.


If you want your Home Theater to be better than the movie theater, you definitely want better seats. Theater X can provide you with the widest range of theater seating available. Fortress builds the most comfortable seating you will ever sit in and does it in more styles than you can imagine.




From a 42” plasma TV to a 180” cinema wide movie screen. With today’s high definition technology, Theater X will make you feel like your  looking out of a window. Again, better than the movie theater, no gummie bears.


You can have the best theater equipment in the world but if you can’t turn it on and start the movie,  nobody will enjoy it. Theater X can make any theater easy enough for everyone in the family to use. We have a wide selection of remote controls and the best programmers in the business to make the remote control work the way that it should.

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