Over the years we have found that most of our service calls end up being one of just a few different issues. Most of which could be resolved by the customer themselves if they just had the same experience in the field that we have had. We have put together the solutions to some of the most common issues that we run into.

Remote Control Not Working?

  1. 1. Replace the batteries.

  2. 2. Restart the remote control.

  3. 3. Make sure the IR receiver is in view.

  4. 4. Make sure the RF receiver is plugged in.

  5. 5. Reset the RF receiver.

  6. 6. Make sure the emitter is in the correct spot.

  7. 7. Make sure the emitter is working.

How do I make sure the emitter is working?

What is an emitter?

Some emitters have a built in “flash”. This means that you will see a small red flash when you push a button on your remote control as the emitter sends the IR(infra-red) signal the equipment that the emitter is controlling. If you don’t see a flash it is possible that the emitter is not working. However, not all emitters have a “flash” built in. Another problem is that even if you see the flash on a “flash type” emitter it is still possible that the IR signal is not being sent.

An emitter is a small electronic light that sends an IR(infra-red) signal from some type of repeater system or control system to a piece of audio or video equipment. You should see one attached

to each piece of electronics in your system if you have a universal

remote or control system of any type. It needs to be placed on the equipment over the equipments IR “eye”.

How to I reset my remote control?

What is an IR receiver?

Most remote controls can be reset by simply taking the batteries out for a few seconds and them putting them right back in. Some remote controls have a button on them to reset the remote control. The button is usually hidden in the battery compartment next to the battery connector. This is most common in remote controls that have rechargeable batteries.

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