Did You know?

  1. -You can use your iPhone or iPod touch as a remote control for just about anything in your house.

  2. -You can open and close your garage doors, turn lights on and off, arm and disarm your security system and adjust the temperature on all of your thermostats. All from your iPhone.

  3. -You can receive an e-mail on your iPhone if your security system is tripped, if the temperature in your house gets out of a specified range, if lights are on at times that are unnecessary or any other event that you choose.

  4. -You can do all of these things from your iPod touch or iPhone for as many locations as you like. Control everything here at your home in Arizona, check on your summer home back east and make adjustments to your beach house in California. All from one iPhone or iPod.

  1. -Crestron is more than just a remote control company. Crestron manufactures lighting controls, thermostats, iPod interfaces, pool control interfaces, Media servers and much, much more.

  2. -Crestron makes it possible to use your iPhone as a total control solution for just about everything in your home or business.

  3. -Every Crestron touch panel, remote control and keypad communicates with everything else that is connected to your automation system.

  4. -This means that from any or all control devices (including your iPhone)you can program specific “event” buttons; example: a button labeled “I’m home” opens the garage door, turns on some interior lights, turns on your favorite TV channel, sets the temperature to your liking, sends an e-mail to your husband to let him know your are home and then closes the garage door in case you forgot.

  5. -If you can think of it, Theater X can make it happen with Crestron. Need something automated, controlled or monitored remotely? send us an email explaining your needs and we will send you a solution. Free of charge. Send your questions here theaterx@mac.com

  1. -Everything that you can do from your iPhone just got better.

  2. -Imagine having all of the same home control and automation that is available on your iPhone now on your iPad.

  3. -You will now be able to open and close garage doors, turn lights off and on, adjust your thermostats and open and close window shades all while watching it happen in real time. All on one simple to use page of your iPad.

  4. -Need to let a service person into your house while your out of town? Follow the Theater X  instructions:

  5. 1. Tell the service person to call you when he arrives at your home.

  6. 2. Pick up your iPad and launch the Crestron application.

  7. 3. You will now be able to see the service person in your driveway or at your front door.

  8. 4. Open your garage door from your iPad.

  9. 5. Disarm your security system from your iPad

  10. 6. turn on the appropriate lights for the service person from your iPad.

  11. 7. When the service person is finished, turn off the lights, arm your security system, close the garage doors and make sure they didn’t mess with your thermostats.